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Hans Jorendal
There is a great atmosphere with teachers who are very motivated. It is an efficient way to learn spanish and taking in consideration the reasonable prices, you can not hope for more. It also helps that Granada is a beautiful city that you want to keep studying again and again
Mary Blaney
It is a school with native teachers who do their best to help you learn, not only the spanish lenguage, but all about the culture, literature and cinema. Their teaching methods include a variety of ways to ensure that you keep wanting to learn more and more. It couldn't be better
Maria Ceder
In the Garc�a Lorca Spanish school, although being small, you are able to learn at such at fast pace keeping with your own level, receiving only help that you might need. It has a very friendly atmosphere, with both the teachers and students doing activities together
Alexia Capsomidis
For me, the Garc�a Lorca Spanish school has been perfect. Not only have I learn spanish also a knowledge of the culture and the people as well. I can truly say I have enjoyed my time there and would not hesitate in doing it again
Shannon Baird
Our experience at the Garcia Lorca Spanish Centre could not have been better. The instructors were attentive and interested, and the entire experience was 'top notch'. We could not have asked for more personal instruction, and the experience of living in Granada for over six months was unforgettable. Three years later, and we still look back on our experiences in Granada as among the best we have ever had
Erik Wiggelinkhnizen
Stephanie Singer
Garcia Lorca est une �cole hors du commun. J'y ai trouv� des professeurs avec lesquelles ont apprend �norm�ment et on rit beaucoup. C'est un enseignement personnalis� et complet, qui allie la langue et la culture du pays. Le tout dans une ambiance conviviale, dans une ville � la beaut� incontestable. A ajouter � cela, l'accueil et l'esprit festif des andalous.... Je garde de mon s�jour dans cette �cole un souvenir inoubliable et un bagage �norme en espagnol. Une exp�rience � vivre absolument!
Mauro Cannella
Samuel Mauch
As a senior person of above sixty I have enjoyed taking spanish courses at Garcia Lorca on several occasions over the past years. I can highly recommend Garcia Lorca as a truly exceptional language school for foreigners. The sympathetic small class atmosphere, the ability and flexibility of the dedicated professors to respond to individual preferences and needs of each student, together with their didactic skills add up to the best you could find anywhere. You are well introduced not only to language skills, but to culture and history depending on your interests. Above all, Granada is a fantastic place to also get acquainted with Andalusian history , culture and landscapes.


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